What Should I Do When The Closed Cooling Tower Is Running?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

What should I do when the closed cooling tower is running?

First of all, the closed cooling tower at run time found in the gearbox on a series of abnormal sound, it is in a large extent, in fact, is found that gear wear, then, to a large extent, Note that it should be directly on the exchange of its own gear, it found that the bearing damage phenomenon, that is, should be to replace the bearing, if the gear box appears lack of oil, pay attention to add oil.

Then, when it comes to the failure of the closed cooling tower, it is, to a large extent, because of the phenomenon of oil spill in its gearbox, which is, to a large extent, The new tower during the running of the oil seal occurred in the phenomenon of failure, Moreover, in terms of another aspect, in fact, because it is the oil pipe interface on the phenomenon of leakage, running within a week is a normal phenomenon.

In other words, the closed cooling tower in the run after a week should be timely to replace the new oil, check its own oil seal, decide whether it is necessary to replace, seal the interface. When the fan is relatively slow rotation (belt drive), when the belt appears to slip when it is to a certain extent, it is able to adjust the degree of tightness on the belt.

Moreover, when the closed cooling tower equipment in operation, the fan on the blade of the abnormal sound, in a large extent, in fact, because the fan is the main fan blade caused by the adjustment of its own one Fan position, or because of its loose parts and connectors appear loose phenomenon, adjust its fasteners and connectors.

Finally, when it comes to the closed cooling tower equipment in the run-time drifting relatively large, on the one hand is because the air volume is relatively large, Moreover, the air volume on the relatively large, we actually have to pay attention to adjust The installation angle on the blade, on the other side, in fact, because it is the damage on the water collector, check its own water system.