What Should Be Done When The Closed Cooling Tower Faces The Following Problems?

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  What should be done when the closed cooling tower faces the following problems?

  Speaking of closed cooling tower facing the problem, first of all, in fact, in fact, that is, the water heater does not rotate or turn the comparison is too slow, in terms of this aspect, in fact, because the water pipes which exist debris Clogging, so speaking, to a large extent also led to the relatively low pressure caused by the spray, this time, we actually need to clear the closed cooling tower pipe which debris can solve this problem.

  When the closed cooling tower appears uneven water distribution (pipe water distribution) situation, to a large extent, because the nozzle exports are debris, or because the nozzle off, there is because the nozzle outlet pressure is too low A series of reasons, this time, we also need to remove the debris on the nozzle, and then that should be reloading nozzle, improve the water pressure, it will be able to solve the corresponding problem.

  When faced with closed cooling tower water temperature is relatively high, in fact, because the amount of circulating water is more or because of its lack of air caused by the corresponding treatment for its terms, in fact, we can directly Adjust the amount of water or to adjust the leaves on the film installation angle, and then, that is, should check the filler.

  When the fan is found abnormal vibration situation, we should actually pay attention to look at whether the installation of the bolt is loose, or because the fan impeller imbalance, Moreover, because of its axis bending and other factors, In fact, it will be directly caused by the fan of the abnormal vibration of the situation.

  The face of closed cooling tower fan abnormal vibration of the situation, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to be to re-tighten the bolts, then we actually need to check the closed cooling tower fan Each piece of blade installation bias is not in the provisions of the range, if not, you need to re-calibrate the balance or to replace the drive shaft, which can effectively solve the problem.