Water Chilling Unit Manufacturers Tell You How To Clean Up The Scale

- May 27, 2017 -

Water Chilling Unit manufacturers tell you how to clean up the scale.

Water Chilling Unit group manufacturers tell you that the Water Chilling Unit in the operation, the scale of the condenser is very easy to form, if the scale of the condenser is not cleaned up in time, the formation of the scale will affect the condenser heat transfer effect, in fact, the cooling capacity decreased, the wind Cold water Water Chilling Unit manufacturers of water-cooled condenser to form the scale there are two, one is hard scale, that is, water contains calcium and magnesium ions, why these two ions will be formed, the water is two hydrogen ions and An oxygen ion

Water Chilling Unit manufacturers tell you that the two physical ions in a certain temperature, will slowly form calcium ions, that is, like gypsum powder covered with condensate around the tube, once the formation of calcium ions can only use chemical treatment, chemical treatment The main method is to clean up the acid solution, calcium ions are mainly alkaline substances, mixed with acid solution, it will produce neutralization, when the cycle after rinse with water, the acid solution and alkaline solution clean, otherwise it will be condensed Equipment and pipeline serious damage, can be considered easy to use a certain percentage of the water into the system, air-cooled Water Chilling Unit manufacturers with circulating pump to clean up the cycle, the general need to clean up about 10 hours;

Water Chilling Unit manufacturers tell you to clean, the condenser tube wall of alkaline calcium ions continue to be dissolved and neutralized, the tube wall of calcium ions will slowly fall off, this requires a lot of water rinse and pickling liquid, the higher the cost , Can also be directly used in the condenser cleaning machine, the principle of cleaning machine is also used acid solution, but the washing machine is a closed loop, you must disconnect the condenser cooling water into and out of the tube clean, the pipeline is relatively short, acid solution and water consumption is relatively small, Cleaning time is also short, air-cooled Water Chilling Unit manufacturers also have a static condensate into the acid solution, the condenser calcium and magnesium ions slowly soften, dissolve, fall off, the general condenser to add acid solution time about 5 hours or so, in the water Water Chilling Unit in the static method is relatively small, most of the use of cleaning machine cleaning.