The Significance Of Operation And Maintenance Of Cooling Towers

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Cooling tower is completed, before it was put into production, the need for acceptance, in order to detect problems, timely manner. in acceptance, but should pay particular attention to the main dimensions and the various components of the cooling tower height is correct, whether the devices and is equipped with anti-icing equipment external, should check that the device is conform to the technical requirements for design and construction, installation quality, and so on.

As cooling tower access water pipeline, and trench, and sink and set pool closely degree and installation annex, and stack beam gate Board, status. in acceptance mechanical ventilation cooling tower Shi, must special note ventilation machine installation quality, especially center line and balance whether right, wind machine leaves of installation angle whether meet requirements, leaves and wind machine shell Zhijian of clearance whether keep manufacturing manufacturers by provides of numerical. cooling tower voted people run Qian, must identified cooling system in the whether has construction Shi legacy down of debris, and spill flow sewer whether has connected ; Must also check main and auxiliary pipelines and position of channel filters on and off correctly.

Cooling tower set pool in initial filling water Shi, its level should reached highest elevation. in cycle pump voted people run yihou, must from external kept to sent water, until whole system in the full water weizhi. While in circulatory system filling water process in the, should note prevent for cooling tower set pool level of reduced makes cycle pump run interrupted of situation occurred. If cooling tower in winter stopped shipped need water Shi, take measures, prevent pipeline, and ditches, and wells and set pool in the of water freeze.

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