The Relationship Between The Noise Control Of The Open Type Cooling Tower And The Muffler

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  The relationship between the noise control of the Open Type Cooling Tower and the muffler

  Open Type Cooling Tower noise control and many aspects have a great relationship, today we are talking about, in fact, refers to the muffler pressure loss and cooling tower on the allowable pressure on the loss, for the Open Type Cooling Tower fan The wind pressure is actually in the 800Pa muffler on the pressure loss in terms of deterioration, in fact, it should be controlled below 80Pa.

  Next, we actually note that for the Open Type Cooling Tower to allow the pressure loss is concerned, it is actually directly to the cooling tower manufacturers or owners to determine. This is due to the cooling tower out of the \ inlet in the installation of the muffler, in a large extent, in fact, it will affect the cooling tower itself, a pressure, this way, it will cause a certain pressure loss.

  In order to make the Open Type Cooling Tower in the installation of the muffler after the normal work, for the muffler pressure in terms of speaking, to a large extent, in fact, it should be less than the allowable pressure loss. And, for its muffler pressure loss point of view, that is, because each manufacturer's muffler structure is not the same, for each project used in the muffler model is actually very different.

  In view of this, we actually should be based on different projects and the loss factor of the muffler to carry out the calculation of pressure loss. Then, in fact, it should be careful to determine this value, is not a need for noise control companies have a series of muffler products can be accurate to confirm.

  Through the introduction of the above we can see that the Open Type Cooling Tower on the noise control, as well as to install the muffler, that is, should pay attention to a lot of aspects, and, on the other hand, Cooling tower for use, when the control of its noise, Open Type Cooling Tower but also to pay attention to all aspects of the problem can be.