The Importance Of Cooling Process, Present Situation And Development Trend

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Air power calculation of purpose is to is good to select wind machine, or checking by selected of wind machine whether meet requirements. only various wind machine of air and the wind pressure are in must of range within Shi, to guarantee wind machine in efficient district run. If according to design air is out Tower within total resistance is less than or slightly is greater than wind machine in the air zhixia of resistance, sometimes by adjustment wind machine leaves angle also can used, if difference more, is to again selection wind machine, or adjustment Tower within the part resistance.

Tower within of resistance main by following 10 Department points composition: into outlet, and guide wind device, and into got water filler air turn, got water filler imports suddenly contraction, and got water filler, and got water filler export suddenly expanded, and distribution water device, and except water device, and wind machine into outlet and wind machine wind tube export. currently except got water filler and except water device resistance some measured information zhiwai, remaining part are rarely measured information, and more is separate test information, the component resistance in Tower within mutual effect also service consider.

Regardless of is transformation Tower or design Tower, first to determine calculation used of meteorological parameter. cooling tower calculation by selected of meteorological parameter, usually is by summer most adverse of meteorological conditions to consider of, however highest of temperature in summer not only appeared of days less, and continued of time also short, by this conditions to design must cooling tower size is big; used lower of temperature to design also no, will makes equipment in summer in long-term overload Xia run, makes run conditions deterioration, even will effect production. Therefore, the appropriate selection of meteorological parameters are important.

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