Open Type Cooling Tower Principle

- May 27, 2017 -

The principle of Open Type Cooling Tower

The Open Type Cooling Tower is a device that uses water as a recirculating coolant to absorb heat from the system to the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature. The cold is the use of water and air flow contact after the cold and heat exchange to produce steam, steam evaporation heat To evaporate heat, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer principle to disperse the industrial or refrigeration air conditioning generated by the waste heat to reduce the water temperature of the evaporative cooling device to ensure the normal operation of the system, the device is generally barrel, Cooling tower.

Open Type Cooling Tower is a comprehensive product integrating aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid science, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static, dynamic structure mechanics, processing technology and other disciplines. Water quality is a multivariable function, and cooling is a multi-factor, multivariable and multi-effect synthesis process.

Product principle

1. Open Type Cooling Tower circulating water system must have a certain surplus of energy (20% -25%), in the run to put these energy gathered in a valve, over time these energy is lost in vain. External turbine is the use of these "surplus energy" into high-efficiency mechanical energy, which 100% instead of Open Type Cooling Tower fan motor to achieve energy-saving purposes.

2. How to achieve the best efficiency of the motor-driven turbine is to understand the surplus energy in the design of the circulating water system of the Open Type Cooling Tower, and the impeller design of the turbine is also the key. The composition of the surplus energy is mainly composed of the following six parts:

1) the value of the balance that must be taken into account in the design of the circulating water system;

2) Potential energy utilization of heat exchange equipment;

3) the ability of the turbine to adjust itself;

4) the kinetic energy conversion efficiency of circulating water system;

5) When the valve is not open in place, the energy consumed by the valve.

6) Low flow through the combined re-shunt method to meet the system requirements.

3. Open-type cooling tower old tower energy-saving transformation

Open Type Cooling Tower and heat transfer equipment driven by the pump from the pump, the external water turbine to use the return water pressure can be converted to drive the turbine power to drive the fan, generally in accordance with the three Open Type Cooling Tower to do energy-saving transformation, the design flow is too large The actual amount of about 60%, taking into account changes in production needs, energy-saving transformation method is: two towers for the turbine drive, a tower for the motor drive in the summer time spare.

4. New tower design of Open Type Cooling Tower

The focus of the external turbine is on the return pressure or return flow to meet the turbine's ability to drive the fan, the law of conservation of energy - how much return flow or pressure conversion = how much fan speed. The external turbine speed is increased or decreased according to the increase or decrease of the system flow. The system is equipped with three external turbines Open Type Cooling Tower and three sets of water outlet pipes, which adjust the flow and easy maintenance through the bypass valve.