Method For Removing Scale Of Evaporative Coolers

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Method for removing scale of Evaporative Coolers

  Closed cooling towers, Evaporative Coolerss, and evaporative air coolers are cooled by hydrothermal exchange, where the cooling coil is an important cooling element. Now the cooling coil is made of copper tube welding, cooling medium through the coil to heat out. In the long-term use, the condenser will coil the outer layer will form a layer of scale, reduce the cooling efficiency, so to be clear on a regular basis. The cleaning method is as follows:

  1: electronic descaling device

  Electronic descaling device is also called electronic cleaning instrument or electronic magnetic water device. Scale formation, mainly in the case of uneven cooling water, resulting in some dry point coil, the water temperature in the dry point on the formation of scale. Scale in the formation, Evaporative Coolers will continue to accumulate, slowly cover the coil. Electronic magnetic water device is the water calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in water, when the cooling water to a certain speed when the flow will be beaten scale. Electronic cleaning device is present, the use of a wide range of cleaning products, the use of simple and efficient. And does not damage the tube, and is carried out without affecting the cooling work.

  2. Chemical method of cleaning.

  Chemical method is through the configuration of the acidic substances with the scale of chemical acid and alkali neutralization reaction, so that all the dissolution of scale off. Evaporative Coolers The main material that forms the scale is calcium. The use of hydrochloric acid to configure the water for dilution, the acidic dilution to the weak acid, the weak acid hydrochloric acid evenly sprayed on the scale of the surface, and so on a few minutes later, hydrochloric acid and calcium substances chemical reaction, until the reaction is completed, Evaporative Coolers the use of water Rinse, in the course of operation, be careful not to let dilute hydrochloric acid contact with the human skin, to prevent injury.

  3. Mechanical removal method.

  Mechanical clarity refers to the use of some mechanical equipment using a tool to scale the scale forcibly. Through the use of special tools on the surface of the scale forcibly clear. Evaporative Coolers As the scale in the dry time is relatively hard, the use of mechanical clear more trouble, improper control, but also on the tube table to cause a certain scratch.