Influence Of Ambient Temperature On Closed Cooling Tower And Cooling Efficiency

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Influence of Ambient Temperature on Closed Cooling Tower and Cooling Efficiency

  Closed cooling tower in the selection of the design will take into account the local wet bulb temperature, ambient temperature and other natural temperature. These temperatures have a certain effect on the cooling of the closed cooling tower. China's southern and northern temperatures are relatively large temperature difference, therefore, according to the different regions of the ambient temperature in the design of the cooling tower when the cooling capacity will be designed differently.

  For example, in the north of China, winter temperatures can reach minus 30 °, of course, the lower the ambient temperature, the cooling efficiency of the closed cooling tower will be better. Normally, the temperature of the cooling medium flowing in the cooling coil is constant because it is based on the temperature of the industrial production. In the flow through the cooling coil, the heat through the coil and cold air for heat exchange, cold air heat absorption fan away. Of course, minus 30 ° of air and 0 ° of air more away the heat does not seem to be the same. The lower the temperature, the more heat the air can absorb, and the faster the cooling efficiency of the closed cooling tower will be, and the cooling will be at the end of the month.

  Closed cooling tower in the design of the time, usually the sprinkler system is automatically opened according to the temperature. This takes into account that the ambient temperature will change. When the temperature is relatively high, rely on the air heat exchange cooling can not reach the actual requirements of the time, it will automatically open the spray water to assist the cooling, water evaporation to absorb heat to cool. If the ambient temperature is relatively low, then do not open the spray can be fully achieved cooling effect, then to a certain extent, is also reduced the cooling capacity of the closed cooling tower.

  If the temperature is relatively low, depending on the continuous cooling of the coil may also achieve the purpose of cooling. In this ambient temperature consideration, starting the cooling tower and closing the cooling tower is dependent on the same reason. Closed cooling tower cooling temperature can be achieved on the Shao, in general, the cooling temperature is generally the same with the local wet bulb temperature, and slightly higher with the wet bulb temperature. China's southern temperature is generally high, so the design of the cooling tower will be considered when the cooling capacity to be slightly better, to ensure the cooling efficiency and cooling capacity.