How To Eliminate The Noise Generated When The Closed Cooling Tower Is Operating

- Aug 04, 2017 -

  How to eliminate the noise generated when the Closed Cooling Tower is operating

  Closed Cooling Tower manufacturers to explain to you when we use the Closed Cooling Tower operations, often produce noise affect our working environment, then how can we reduce the Closed Cooling Tower in the run-time noise? What is the method?

  We can re-install the existing Closed Cooling Tower on the installation of a layer of silencing cotton, and will not produce noise, but also play the role of filtering. The machine on the motor drive wheel replacement, so that the speed down, but the Closed Cooling Tower fan angle adjustable. Replace the gear reducer bearings, so that the reducer in the process of running more smoothly, while the friction does not produce the sound bearing. Install the silencer at the top of the outlet of the device so that no noise is delivered to the outside.

  The Closed Cooling Tower must be prepared before work

  First, for the capital construction and the size of the Closed Cooling Tower, should be strictly enforced acceptance criteria, in addition to the relevant norms by item to test, should pay attention to the following matters.

  1, on the new and the size of the Closed Cooling Tower after repair, see the water supply pipeline, the main gate, near the door, the water gate, should be in excellent condition and in the fully closed position.

  2, view the water distribution system, watering equipment, collecting pool, air inlet, backwater ditch in the absence of the situation and has been clean clean.

  3, admitted that the tower has no one to work, view things, springboard, scooter, the rest of the material have been cleared out of the tower.

  4, the Closed Cooling Tower new, overhaul after completion, the inspection leading group pre-inspection that arrived at the inspection standard after the quasi-entry into the trial operation adjustment period, and finally after passing the inspection and certification after the formal operation of qualified.

  In addition to the Closed Cooling Tower for the relevant gate should adhere to the outstanding situation, sensitive operation. The electric valve should measure the motor insulation at regular intervals. Long-term disabled or by the size of repair, should first measure the motor insulation, recognition of the prospective quasi-operation.