Fully Closed Water Cooling System Leak What Sign

- Feb 03, 2016 -

When fully closed water cooling system is leaking, normally three electrodes hole and door would come up with a long flame, sometimes with blue and yellow flame. Not the same with normal steel flame. And ARC sound very loud, not normal.

Such as in oxidation period of oxygen leaking, stop after oxygen blowing, Huang continued to the furnace out, long flame. Such as restoring leaking, is the ever-yellow flame, reducing atmosphere, slag Super bubble turned yellow, and black. In order to determine the leakage site, power outages, high electrode, rose cover when necessary, examine it carefully.

Finding leakage should immediately close the leaking part of the inlet pipe, steel replacement or repair. After the cooling system is leaking, greatly increased hydrogen content in steel, should be based on leaks, appropriate oxygen blowing again, restore and then tapping again, otherwise it will cause the ingot pinhole and even soar.


(1) the electrode water quality is better, need to pump water through inspection, can be used.

(2) if blown chlorine gas carbon asked long, Kua as possible to reduce the water cooler gang bonded cold steel leakage phenomenon.

(3) Sou drops, should pay attention to touch electrode Chuck not Leng Ge water, whether shell will cause leaks.

(4) water pressure too low, the water should not be too small.

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