Freezing Of Cooling Tower And Its Prevention

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Natural ventilation upstream type cooling tower of into outlet, General is in Tower Jane within wall Xia margin freezes, or in Tower within of block water eaves edge hanging ice. light who shaped Government road is thin of ice keep, serious Shi together with Tower tube people word column with freeze became a blocking ice wall. in Tower of Leeward side, due to Tower within drafts put part drops blow sprinkled to people word column within side Shang and freezes.

Crossflow cooling tower air inlet shutters inner edge of ice, hard into the air inlet of the sink is leaking causing pillars and louver window-side large ice.

Inlet icing mainly due to external water cooling tower water filler is too small, along the air inlet tube wall downstream of a small amount of water in the upper edge or water edge of the sugar stays too long, cold air and ice.

If full Tower of hot load and the water too little, will caused whole Tower within Linda water filler bottom hanging ice; some take partition distribution water of cooling tower, due to water distribution not are, caused part filler freezes. most peripheral got water filler, dang got water density smaller Shi, cold air first which invasion, most easy formed freeze:, in got water density smaller of other regional,. as sink jam, and damaged; nozzle jam, slaughter water disc off not medium at, also easy caused local freeze. Of water drenching fillers of local water, too small, or when close to the inlet of water drenching fillers of the pillars, easily lead to packing support beams and part of packed ice.

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