Evaporative Coolers The Main Heat Transfer Equipment In The Refrigeration System

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Evaporative condenser is the main heat transfer equipment in the refrigeration system. Its principle is that the superheated high-pressure refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor in the refrigeration system passes through the condensing pipe in the evaporative condenser so that the high temperature gaseous refrigerant and Pour pipe outside the spray water and air for heat exchange. That is, the gaseous refrigerant from the mouth into the row after the top-down gradually condensed into liquid refrigerant. Hengfeng cold and warm matching fan of the super wind so that the spray water completely covered in the coil surface, the water by the wind, greatly improving the heat transfer effect. The temperature of the spray of water from the part into a gaseous, the use of water vapor latent heat from the wind to take away a lot of heat, hot water droplets are high efficiency dehydrator cut off, and the rest of the heat absorbed water, scattered to the PVC water In the heat exchange layer, the air flowing through is cooled, the temperature is lowered, enters the water tank, and continues to circulate through the circulating water pump. The moisture that evaporates into the air is automatically replenished by the water level regulator.

Heat pipe with a variety of forms, commonly used carbon steel hot-dip zinc pipe (also divided into round and oval tube), aluminum tube, stainless steel tube (also divided into 314/316 tube, wave tube); Zinc-type evaporative evaporator for the earliest use of the product and occupy most of the domestic users are mainly used for high-pressure gas condensation, cooling, applicable pressure range of 0-30MPa; aluminum alloy evaporative condenser for the new energy-saving new generation The product is suitable for ice machine refrigerant condensation, suitable for pressure range of 0-5MPa; stainless steel tube evaporative condenser is mainly used in some chemical plants in the corrosive gas cooling and condensation process.

Evaporative Condenser Operating Principle

Spray water from the water pump to the water in the sump to the top of the evaporative condenser spray pipe, sprayed to the outer surface of the condensate pipe to form a very thin water film, water film, part of the water after heat absorption For the water vapor, the rest into the sump, the water pump recycling.

Axial fans forcibly air from the top and side of the lower part of the wall through the coil, packing, saturated hot and humid air was discharged to the surrounding atmosphere, hot and humid air entrainment of part of the water droplets through the collector to effectively control the water droplets Drift loss, loss of water in the atmosphere in the system by the float valve control to add cooling water.