Evaporative Coolers The Main Feature Is The Use Of Tube Outside The Water Film Evaporation To Strengthen The Tube Heat Transfer

- Nov 02, 2017 -

The main feature of the evaporative cooler is the use of heat evaporation outside the pipe to strengthen the tube heat transfer, the working process is to pump the lower part of the equipment in the pool of circulating cooling water to the horizontal placement of the light pipe bundle above the spray water dispenser , The cooling water is sprayed down from the dispenser to the surface of the heat transfer tube so that the outer surface of the tube forms a continuous thin film of uniformity. At the same time, the air is sucked from the lower air of the equipment into the window through the fan, Swept the horizontal tube of the heat transfer tube. In addition to the heat transfer tube outside the heat transfer between the water film and the air flow between the heat transfer, the outer surface of the rapid evaporation of water film absorbs a lot of heat, and strengthen the tube heat transfer.

Because the water has a high latent heat of vaporization (the latent heat of vaporization at one atmospheric pressure is 570kcal / kg), the evaporation of the water film on the outer surface of the tube greatly enhances the heat transfer outside the tube, which greatly improves the overall heat transfer efficiency of the equipment. The evaporation of the outer surface of the water film allows the air to pass through the heat transfer tube to increase the humidity close to saturation, and the fan draws the saturated wet air from the tube bundle and passes it through the defogger above the spray water dispenser, removing the saturated wet Air is entrained in the air from the top of the fan outlet into the atmosphere. As the fan is located in the upper part of the equipment to suck up the air upwards, thus forming a negative pressure area in the lower space of the fan, accelerating the evaporation of the outer surface of the tube water film, is conducive to strengthening the tube heat transfer. Evaporative air-cooled, the process medium running within the horizontal flow of water, air, water pipe, the air from the bottom up, spray water from top to bottom flow, water, air and process media for the cross-flow, water and air for the countercurrent The This way from the process layout also strengthened the heat transfer process.

From the structural point of view, the biggest feature of the evaporator is the cooling tower and plate heat exchanger into one, eliminating the need for a separate circulating water cooling system, reducing the equipment footprint, while changing the heat transfer, so much Reducing the amount of cooling water and circulating pump power, saving energy, coupled with its cooling water itself in the equipment recycling, water consumption is low, so that the operating costs will be reduced.

The scope of application of evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler for the metallurgical industry ironmaking plant blast furnace soft water closed circuit, steel plant heating furnace, mold, oxygen lance and other devices cooling water system, rolling mill, coking plant cooling water system, blower, motor, rolling Equipment, such as cooling water system; power industry, the steam turbine cat claw, the main valve, in the door, water pump seat, pump bearings, fan bearings, generators, motors and other equipment or equipment to be cooled; The condensate cooling system of the air conditioning system, the low temperature bit oil cooling of the refinery chemical plant, the condensation cooling of various oil and gas at the top of the tower, the condensation (cooling) of the steam and other process media. In the current national water resources and energy constraints, and vigorously promote energy conservation, water conservation, in the metallurgical, power, oil refining, chemical, refrigeration, light industry and other energy consumption, water consumption of the industry, vigorously promote the evaporative cooler has a very Important economic significance and great social benefits.

The advantages of evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler is a water cooling and air cooling, heat transfer and mass transfer process integration and both the length of the efficient cooling equipment, is the use of water film evaporation enhanced heat transfer, its biggest feature is the plate for the change Heat exchanger (tube heat exchanger) + circulating pump + cooling tower + pool into one, eliminating the need for a separate secondary water cooling system. Which has the advantages of high structure, high heat transfer efficiency, low investment cost, low running cost, convenient installation and maintenance, and so on. It is widely used in the field of heat exchanger. Iron and steel, blowers, and other soft water closed cycle cooling system, with its high efficiency and energy saving advantages to be widely used, is the best soft water closed cycle cooling equipment, has been China's national patent.