Cooling Tower Cooling Limit Is?

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Cooling tower water heat to the air, the air is a gas mixture that contains a variety of substances. Element of air to nitrogen, oxygen, and is caused by changes in the natural world for a long time (in the original green prior to the advent of primitive atmosphere is mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia.

In green plants emerged, free oxygen released by plants in photosynthesis, leaving the original oxidation of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, methane oxidation becomes water vapor and carbon dioxide, ammoniated becomes water vapor and nitrogen. After that, due to photosynthesis in plants, carbon dioxide in the air is absorbed in the process of photosynthesis in plants the most and make more and more oxygen in the air, and finally formed the nitrogen and oxygen of the modern air).

Air is a mixture, the composition is complex. Constant component of air is nitrogen, oxygen, noble gases, which are almost the same, mainly is a result of various changes in compensation of nature. Variable components of air are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Variable air completely varies from region to region. for example, in the industrial area near the air as a result of production projects of different, containing ammonia, acid vapour, respectively. In addition, the air also contains trace amounts of hydrogen, ozone, nitrogen oxides, methane and other gases. Dust is more or less suspended impurities in the air. In General, the air component is relatively fixed. Air is mainly 78% the 21% nitrogen, oxygen, and many rare mixture of gas and impurities.

Air in the except steam outside of other gas in at room temperature and atmospheric Xia, forever keep gas State, accounted for air of most; steam only accounted for which of a small. that is air contains has water is wet of, we put contains steam of air called wet air, and put not containing steam of air called dry air. wet air of nature can through wet air of various parameter to said.

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