Cooling Tower Belonging To Auxiliary Equipment. If In Cooling Tower Operation Failed

- Feb 03, 2016 -

In power plant in the, cooling tower belongs to auxiliary equipment. If cooling tower in run in the occurred fault, on will directly effect turbine of run, forced unit downtime, power plant cannot safety. for blackout or less power, on other industrial and mining enterprises also will caused huge of economic loss. This class situation, had in domestic occurred had, for example a power plant for cold surprise, got water filler freezes serious, caused big area got water filler collapse, makes cooling tower cannot run, was forced to for accident repair. Visible, cooling tower of power reliability and security have a close relationship, have to do maintenance work.

Cooling towers work under optimum conditions, can save on fuel, power generation. it was made by theoretical analysis, improvement of the thermal efficiency of power plant cooling tower outlet and is proportional to the temperature of the water. Cooling water temperature decreased 10C, compressor efficiency can be increased by 0.47%, high voltage unit thermal efficiency can be increased by 0.35%. For example, using medium temperature and medium pressure 50MW of power plant condensing steam turbine, with a 2000m of hyperbolic natural draft cooling tower.

In addition, large enterprises in need of recycling water, circulating pump electricity consumption of larger, especially power plants, its power consumption 1.5%--3% of total generating capacity. If a reasonable way of cooling tower operation, circulating water pump energy saving potential is not small. Conversely, if improper operation and maintenance, resulting in great loss. for example, a power plant's cooling tower operation, due to improper maintenance, running before long, scale blockage of the nozzle; Nozzle off; splash in Butterfly and shift right; Flume sediment; fill the sink with water spillover: scaling of water drenching fillers of serious, and so on. which resulted in a cooling tower cooling effect. Summer temperature increasing 38CC, vacuum less than 80kPa (60OmmHg), forcing the steam turbines operate at reduced load.

Cooling tower using years of length, and cooling tower run, and maintenance, and management have bad has is big relationship. General overhaul term for IOa. If cooling tower run management, and maintenance properly, on can extended overhaul years, improve cooling tower using life. This aspects economic is quite considerable of. According to about information introduced, cooling tower using 30 or 40 years of process in the, total overhaul costs even can over infrastructure costs. In the cold region of China, overhaul period is shorter, usually in the 10-r15a; Non-freezing area much longer, about 15-20A or so.

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