Construction Characteristics Of Cooling Towers

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Assembly reinforced concrete hyperbolic cooling towers, almost all for reinforced concrete structures, concrete is technically demanding, in addition to durability, but also have one higher strength and frost resistance, impermeability, when selecting an appropriate flow of construction, grading and watering method.

As a result of the fabricated components, geometrical size of the component is required, installation error control values should be within a certain value, so called advanced construction methods.

The tall tower, mounted on the cylinder wall to have a higher lifting, construction, Spider-man more. so, how safe is very important work, in the rainy and windy area, attention should also be waterproof and windproof.

In the course of construction, the tower itself is well ventilated barrel, full Tower around the safety net and Tower scaffold is flammable, so pay attention to fire prevention.

Arrangement of prefabricated units, prefabricated are prefabricated and factory production of the two way. what method is used, according to the specification, and economy of transport capacity may be. If the region has a permanent component factory, product type and means of transport are able to meet the requirements, you should give priority to factory production. otherwise, should organize on-site.

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