Closed Water Cooling Equipment Maintenance Tips---add Antifreeze

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Dear electric stove users: Hello!

When you use the electric furnace and cooling equipment must be regular maintenance and repair in order to improve the duration of service and efficiency. As the winter weather continues to cool, at zero degrees Celsius of outdoor environments, to avoid water cooling equipment be damaged should frost protection measures in advance, add antifreeze to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

1, stainless steel tanks and add antifreeze to spray tank. Antifreeze liquid (such as glycol), with circulating water flow does not require modification of equipment and measures such as intensive care, don't pay too much cost, add water cooling equipment capacity to about 30%.

2, in order to grasp the antifreeze concentration of circulating water, too low a concentration cannot produce any antifreeze effects, results in paralysis of the operator, the higher the concentration, freezing the better, but the heat transfer rate will decline. (Filling ratio may refer to the following table)

Ethylene glycol (WT%) 0 10 20 30 40 50 58 80 90 100

Freezing point (℃)-0.---13

3, if the water leaks, adding water will dilute the antifreeze, please note.

4, after the spray tank water at night to stop emissions clean or flow back into the far sets the warm water tank.

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