Closed Cooling TowerWater Quality Is Not Contaminated

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Closed cooling tower is the tube heat exchanger (heat exchanger coil) placed in the tower, through forced ventilation, spray water and circulating water heat exchange to ensure the cooling effect. Its closed cycle characteristics, to ensure that very little water consumption, water quality from pollution, excellent to ensure the efficient operation of the main equipment to extend the service life. Winter or the outside temperature is low, you can stop the spray water system, to achieve water-saving energy-saving effect. With the increasingly scarce water resources and the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the next few years will be closed cooling tower in the energy industry, power electronics, food processing, air conditioning and refrigeration industries play an important role.

First, the daily clean-up part

1, the tower within the sump, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler and other parts, in a timely manner to clean up the dirt, to prevent the accumulation of dirt dirt clogging pipeline.

2, check the filler part to see if there is dirt, dirt should be cleaned in time to ensure that the heat transfer environment clean.

3, cleaning the leaves of the surface dirt, check the fan angle, fan and the wind cylinder gap, and to adjust.

Second, the daily maintenance part

1, check the closed cooling tower sump inside the copper ball valve float or not, work is normal.

2, check the collection tank, tower feet and other places whether the water leakage, if any leakage, timely glue

3, check the fully enclosed motor terminals are intact, whether the motor rotation has a different sound, the motor fixed screw is loose.

4, check the closed cooling tower reducer rotation is normal, if any sound, immediately replace the reducer bearings, see whether the average distribution of leaves or loose.

5, check the belt with or without damage, cracks, if necessary, replace the new belt, it is recommended to change the belt every 2 months.