Closed Cooling Tower What Should You Pay Attention To When You Use It Daily? How To Clean?

- May 27, 2017 -

What should the Closed Cooling Tower pay attention to when it is used daily? How to clean?

What should you pay attention to when Closed Cooling Tower is used daily? Here we come to introduce it

1. In the use of water pipes before and out, the pool to conduct a comprehensive rinse, to eliminate garbage inside the tower to prevent the pipeline blockage.

2. Each part of the connection bolts, especially the transmission parts (fan, motor, rotating water distributor), must be tightened one by one.

3. Reducer oil level normal, belt reducer belt should be tightened.

4. The fan leaves a flexible, no knock on the shell.

5. When the fan work, from the top of the tower should look for clockwise, upward ventilation.

6. Closed Cooling Tower if abnormal sound should be immediately shut down, a comprehensive inspection, until the troubleshooting.

7. After the fan work, open the water valve, while adjusting the pump flow, into the tower water pressure, current, voltage, vibration, noise values should be within the specified range.

8. Found that the water heater does not turn or uneven distribution of water should be shut down maintenance.

9. Circulating water should be tap water or clean water, should not contain oil and impurities, turbidity is not greater than 50mmg / l.

10. Closed Cooling Tower as an important cooling equipment, should be responsible for the management of people, make good about the Closed Cooling Tower inlet and outlet water temperature, flow, weather parameters


So how to clean the Closed Cooling Tower?

Most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium and acid carbonates. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, there is the formation of carbonate. In addition, the dissolved oxygen in the cooling water will cause corrosion of metal, the formation of rust. Due to the generation of rust, the cooling effect of the Closed Cooling Tower is reduced. Serious when the shell had to spray cooling water, serious scaling will block the tube, so that the heat loss effect. The data show that scale deposits have a significant effect on heat loss, and as the sediment increases, energy costs increase. Even if a thin layer of scale will increase the fouling part of the equipment more than 40% operating costs. Keep the cooling channels free of mineral deposits can improve efficiency, save energy, extend equipment life, while saving production time and costs.

For many years, traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (high pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc.) have a lot of problems in cleaning the equipment: can not completely remove scale and other sediments, acid corrosion caused by the formation of equipment loopholes , The residual acid on the material secondary corrosion or scale corrosion, eventually leading to the replacement of equipment, in addition, cleaning waste water toxic, requires a lot of money for wastewater treatment. In view of the above situation, domestic and international efforts to develop a small metal corrosion of the cleaning agent, and the successful development of the blessing of Tektronix cleaning agent. Its high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, no corrosion characteristics, not only the cleaning effect is good and no corrosion of the equipment, to ensure the long-term use of Closed Cooling Tower.