Closed Cooling Tower Selection Usually Also Pay Attention To The Following Three Indicators

- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Closed Cooling Tower selection usually also pay attention to the following three indicators:

  1. The difference ΔtΔt between the inlet water temperature t1 and the outlet temperature t2 of the Closed Cooling Tower is called the temperature difference of the cooling water. Generally speaking, the greater the temperature difference, the better the cooling effect. For production, the greater the Δt, the less the cooling water required to produce the equipment. However, if the water temperature t1 is high, even if the temperature difference Δt is large, the cooling water temperature does not necessarily reduce to meet the requirements, so such an indicator is necessary, but the problem is not comprehensive enough.

  2. The temperature of the cooling water temperature t2 and the air wet bulb temperature ξ is close to the degree of Δt 'Δt' = t2 - ξ (° C) Δt 'is called the cooling height. The smaller the Δt 'value, the better the cooling effect. In fact Δt 'can not be equal to zero.

  3. Consider the water spray density in the calculation of the Closed Cooling Tower. The water density is the amount of water that can be cooled per hour on the effective area of 1m2. Is denoted by symbol q. Q = Q / Fm3 / m2.h (Q-Closed Cooling Tower flow, m3 / h; F-effective tower area of Closed Cooling Tower, m2).