Closed Cooling Tower Price And Its Water Consumption Has A Great Relationship

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Closed cooling tower price and its water consumption has a great relationship

In the previous article, we actually have introduced, for the closed cooling tower price factors include a lot, but the price of closed cooling tower on the factors that white, in fact, and is closed Cooling tower itself design, there is its material, Moreover, that is, in the application of energy saving and other advantages, to a large extent, highlight its own advantage.

In view of this, we actually have to pay attention to the price of closed cooling tower on the advantages of a large extent, in fact, will include the consumption of cooling water on a certain degree of savings. On the consumption of cooling water, in fact, it will include a large part of the cooling water on the evaporation, this part, in terms of equipment is actually relatively normal and necessary.

In addition, in terms of its consumption, it is not only the relationship between the quality of the cooling water itself, the flow rate and its cooling range (ie, the heat load), but at the same time, it is, to a large extent, It should be noted that the temperature should be and into the air (including the dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature) and its mass flow is actually a great relationship.

Moreover, the relationship between the price of closed cooling tower and its water consumption, the cooling water itself is to pay attention to should be appropriate to empty. In order to ensure that the water quality of cooling water to meet the national environmental requirements, it is in fact to a large extent, it is necessary to pay attention to allow the cooling water itself is actually a certain proportion of the amount of air should be, so, also Is able to make additional updates.

Finally, for the closed cooling tower on the price and the relationship between water consumption, under normal circumstances, it is a certain degree of air in a certain extent, it should be directly to control the total amount of cooling water in the 0.3% , In terms of this point, in a large extent, in fact, that is, by the user according to environmental norms on their own to determine its own air volume.