Closed Cooling Tower Performance Advantages

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Working fluid (soft water or other liquid) in the closed cooling tower when the coil circulation fluid heat generated by the forced heat exchange, the tube wall absorption, the temperature difference is also large, its thermal resistance is also large, and water and air The formation of saturated warm steam, through the top of the fan to the heat pipe out of the machine. The surface of the cold material is copper, carbon steel and stainless steel pipe.

When the fluid temperature is too high (over the set temperature) automatically start the spray system, the spray pump will be sprayed on the hot and humid coil wall and the formation of water film, through the evaporation of a lot of heat (evaporation latent heat). Part of the spray water into water, the flow of air away, not evaporated water falls in the sump for the next cycle. Part of the spray water into the water vapor is collected by the dehydration of water droplets from top to bottom flow, theoretically no consumption, spray water consumption is only 0.1-0.2 ‰ per unit flow, spray water for ordinary tap water.

Closed cooling tower Application:

1. Induction quenching equipment, induction heat, melting, insulation equipment, high-frequency power supply, transformers and other equipment cooling.

2. Rectifier equipment, welding equipment, continuous casting equipment, such as cooling

3. Metal die-casting molds, injection molds and other large mold cooling

4. Chemical reaction kettle, electrochemical reactor, large hydraulic station hydraulic oil, silicone oil and other cooling

5. Large central air conditioning water cooled chillers condenser cooling

6. Large-scale generating units, large motors, diesel engines, glass equipment, such as cooling

7. All the equipment, equipment, and media that need to be cooled can be cooled by a closed cooling tower

Closed cooling tower performance advantages:

1. stable

Closed cooling tower circulating water is usually closed by soft water, high temperature is also no scale generation, effectively prevent the device components due to overheating and gradually damaged. Through the parameters set constant temperature and reported ** system to ensure that the cooling process is smooth and cooling effect is obvious.

2. Water saving

Closed cooling tower compared with the traditional open cooling tower to achieve the cooling water (pure water) of the closed internal road cycle, without digging the pool, the transfer convenient. Particularly in areas where water resources are scarce.

3. Energy saving

Closed cooling tower used in the frequency conversion technology allows the cooling system can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature changes in the amount of air and spray, control fan and sprinkler system start and stop, to maximize the cooling process to achieve efficient and energy saving.

4. Environmental protection

Closed cooling tower through the closed cycle, to protect the circulating cooling water is not contaminated, sustainable use. Due to the evaporation of spray water less, greatly protect the atmosphere environment.

5. Service life

Closed cooling tower through the use of high-quality metal structure materials, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the device. Extended service life. Less maintenance, low cost.