Closed Cooling Tower Of Various Parts Of The Cleaning Method

- Jun 14, 2017 -

  Closed cooling tower of various parts of the cleaning method

  1, cooling tower packing as the air and water tower for the exchange of heat and moisture medium, usually made of high-grade PVC materials, are a class of plastic, it is easy to clean.Closed cooling tower When found to have dirt or microbial attachment, with water or cleaning agent can be cleaned.

  2, the collection of dirt or micro-organisms attached to the most easily found,Closed cooling tower the use of rinse method is very easy to make it clean. However, it is important to note that the outlet of the closed cooling tower is blocked before cleaning, and the drain valve is opened during cleaning so that the dirty water from the drain is discharged from the drain to avoid entering the return water of the cooling water.

  3, in the cleaning of cloth and fill the equipment should be so the operation of the use of belt deceleration device, every two weeks to check the tension of a transmission belt,Closed cooling tower inappropriate to adjust. If the tightness of several belts is different, all need to be replaced: if the closed cooling tower does not run for a long time, it is best to remove the belt and save it.