Closed Cooling Tower Noise How To Deal With

- Jun 14, 2017 -

  Closed cooling tower noise how to deal with

  The noise problem is no longer in our life, but if there is noise in the closed cooling tower we use,Closed cooling tower how should we deal with it? I believe that the closed cooling tower is concerned about the friends would like to know.

  We can replace the reducer with subwoofer, he has two layers of protective oil, two layers of waterproof system to protect, his maintenance and weatherability are very good, you can also take the initiative to switch into a low speed, so You can make the noise to a large extent reduced.Closed cooling tower If we installed a deflector on the top of the hairdryer, it would be reasonable to recover the kinetic energy, reduce the noise, and reduce the heat flow.

  His motor frame is positioned on the metal frame, his rigidity is very good, the vibration is very small, and there is no noise source. He is a special motor for the Ark fluid closed cooling tower. He has a waterproof pad in the wiring closet and has a good solution to the problem of the water extending to the motor. Motor his waterproof performance is very good, can meet the use of cooling equipment,Closed cooling tower the motor he used a vertical sink installation, the noise is very low.