Closed Cooling Tower Leakage Phenomenon How To Deal With?

- Oct 23, 2017 -

First of all, in terms of its closed cooling tower to build the cooling station, the first should be considered in fact, that is, summer and winter two seasons on the extreme cooling requirements, the first actually refers to the highest temperature Of the cooling measures, another aspect is concerned, in fact, when the temperature is relatively low to carry out antifreeze. On these antifreeze parts will be more prone to water leakage phenomenon.

Speaking of closed cooling tower facing the phenomenon of leakage, for its cooling tower and the cooling system on the entire part of the parameters and product specifications for effective data statistics, followed by, in fact, we should pay attention to its cooling Tower antifreeze and cooling temperature is relatively high, it is to a large extent, that is, for effective data to take effective measures.

In the closed cooling tower on the relatively high temperature, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to should be taken to add cold water to solve the problem, on its relatively cold season, to its extent in fact It is able to close part of the cooling tower function, in order to its very large extent that will be directly to achieve the function of reducing consumption.

Then, when the closed cooling tower is in use, for the air conditioning cooling water system, it is in a great extent that the cooling capacity of the end coil should be grasped, in terms of this aspect, we In fact, it is necessary to accurately determine the air conditioning cold water on the maximum water temperature and return water temperature.

Finally, in terms of its relatively small cooling requirements for closed cooling towers in winter, it is important to note that it should be possible to reduce the use of cooling towers as far as possible. Demand, this is the effective use of resources. And, for the closed cooling tower on the other parameters, in fact, will include the water temperature, temperature and cooling tower for the use of the number of cooling tower is to pay attention to the calculation.