Closed Cooling Tower Keep The Process Fluid From Contamination

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Closed cooling tower performance:

1, closed tower: tube medium closed operation, to keep the process fluid will not be contaminated, evaporated, concentrated, etc., without water dosing, etc., thus ensuring the performance of related equipment and life, daily management is also more convenient.

Traditional cooling tower: the process fluid should be evaporated and concentrated, to be perennial water, dosing, equipment, open operation, the process of direct contact with the atmosphere of the fluid, when the acid rain occurs, likely to cause damage to the relevant equipment.

2, closed tower: no need to stop maintenance and maintenance, stable and safe operation, can reduce the failure rate of related equipment, suitable for continuous operation of the system.

Traditional cooling towers: to be often downtime maintenance, not suitable for continuous operation of the system.

3, closed tower: process fluid due to no sunlight and not with air contact, it will not produce salt crystals, without removing algae, desalination, thus ensuring high performance system operation.

Traditional cooling towers: process fluid open operation, subject to sunlight, prone to noise and salt crystals, thus affecting system performance

4, closed tower: When the process fluid for the volatile or irritating, irritating solution, the use of closed cooling tower will not pollute the environment, widely used with the fluid has strict requirements of the system

Traditional cooling towers: When the fluid is volatile, irritating solution, the use of open cooling tower there are security risks.

5, closed cooling tower can be dry run

Conventional cooling towers: no dry running

Closed cooling tower Uses:

1, IF furnace cooling. The furnace part of the furnace and the power supply part of the water are required to cool, the traditional dredging pool plus tower cooling method easily lead to the frequency furnace fouling, plug the power part of the heat transfer tube. So the closed cooling tower is widely used in the intermediate frequency electric furnace.

2, quenching liquid cooling. The traditional quenching liquid cooling using heat exchanger plus tower mode, so not only to a more water pump, and quenching the temperature of the poor control. Plate heat exchangers are often prone to clogging and require regular cleaning and high maintenance costs. And the use of closed tower, quenching liquid can be directly into the cooling tower, and then back to the quenching pool.

3, in the environment more complex place to use closed cooling tower. Such as thermal power plants, cement plants and so on. The air is full of dust, the use of open tower will lead to more and more turbid circulation. With turbid water to cool the expensive equipment, looked distressed. So the closed tower is widely used.

4, corrosive media cooling using closed cooling tower. Such as galvanized liquid, copper sulfate solution. The use of open tower is easy to cause corrosion of the cooling tower, environmental pollution. And the use of closed tower can be targeted to choose the heat transfer coil material. Such as copper sulfate cooling must use titanium as a coil.