Closed Cooling Tower In The Water On What Kind Of Requirements?

- Oct 23, 2017 -

In the actual application of the time, we go is to pay attention to the cooling tower itself is divided into open cooling tower and closed cooling tower two, on the current use of open cooling tower in terms of words, We actually have to pay attention to the scale on the fact that it will be very much, and in the cooling tower inside the growth of more algae, heat performance is not so good before.

In order to, in fact, the cooling tower water quality is the need for our attention. However, here we actually have to remind you that, in terms of water, in fact, tap water can be, but pure water will be better.

In other words, including the closed cooling tower, including cooling tower equipment, and there is no strict rules, in terms of installation principle, under normal circumstances, tap water can be used. However, the quality of water in terms of good or bad, it is in a very large extent, it will directly affect the cooling tower of some operating parameters.

Generally speaking, for the closed cooling tower is concerned, it will be directly on the use of tap water and pure water, tap water, we will actually call it hard water, because the water will contain more ions , The water quality is also relatively poor. This is actually because it is a major reason for the formation of scale. For the open cooling tower, it can use tap water, but, in fact, there are some things that we need to pay attention to the more convenient In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to regularly replace the circulating water.

Speaking of closed cooling tower of the condenser water, in the closed cooling tower which, in fact, is the stainless steel tube and copper flow which must be pure water flow. Because this cycle is closed, when it produces scale, attached to the tube wall, which is particularly difficult to remove, and once the scale, the amount of water circulation will show a significant reduction in the characteristics.