Closed Cooling Tower Concept

- Jun 14, 2017 -

  Closed cooling tower concept

  Closed cooling tower (also known as evaporative air cooler or closed cooling tower) is the tube heat exchanger placed in the tower, through the circulation of air, spray water and circulating water heat exchange to ensure the cooling effect. Because it is closed cycle, which can ensure that the water quality from pollution, a good protection of the main equipment of the efficient operation and improve the service life. When the outside temperature is low, you can stop the spray water system, play a water-saving effect. With the implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction policies and the increasing scarcity of water resources, in recent years, closed-end cooling towers have been widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, power electronics, mechanical processing, air conditioning systems and other industries.

  Closed cooling tower works

  1, closed cooling tower is actually a combination of evaporative cooling tower, cooler and wet cooling tower, it is a horizontal evaporative cooling tower, the process of fluid flow in the tube, the air flow outside the tube, both Do not touch each other. Closed cooling tower is a deformation and development of traditional cooling towers. The water in the bottom of the tank is pumped by the circulation pump and is sprayed evenly out of the pipe. And the process of fluid hot water or refrigerant and outside the air is not in contact with a closed cooling tower, through the spray water to enhance the effect of heat transfer.

  2, closed cooling tower for the recycling of water quality requirements of a variety of cooling systems, in power, chemicals, steel, food and many industrial sectors have application prospects. On the other hand, compared with the air-cooled heat exchanger, the evaporative cooling tower utilizes the latent heat of vaporization of the lower water of the tube, so that the heat transfer and mass transfer of the air side is remarkably enhanced.