Brief Introduction Of Water Consumption Related Knowledge Of Closed Cooling Tower

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Speaking of closed cooling tower water consumption, first of all with its continuous development of society, different countries in different levels of water resources in fact will be subject to different pollution; and, in our country in the great In fact, it is a big country among developing countries, in view of the demand for water resources in fact is constantly rising, in view of this, the closed cooling tower water consumption is the less the better.

Including the reduction of water consumption in closed cooling towers, in the industry and life is really to do to save water, in fact, is an important course of social development, on this point, in fact, is a comparison Hard to crack the problem.

However, in actual use and its design, we actually have to pay attention to the birth of the closed cooling tower for the above course has brought great gospel; it is precisely because of this, we actually will be very To a large extent on the direct cooling of the cooling tower by the factors on the analysis, summed up a series of closed cooling tower water-saving principle, as a result of its national water-saving project done Tim brick The role of the increase.

And, on the other hand, we actually have to pay attention to its closed cooling tower in the water vapor exchange which, after evaporation of water, in a large extent, in fact, it will directly absorb the latent heat Or wet air temperature absorption sensible heat, this, in fact, is the cooling water temperature reduction is an important reason.

Finally, it is said that the heat of vaporization in the closed cooling tower is actually relatively large (probably at 2427.9KJ / KG or 580Kcal / KG), and the specific heat of air is actually relatively small (0.2Kcal / kg ℃), in view of this, said closed cooling tower which the two heat transfer mode, in terms of its ratio, in fact, it will change with the climatic conditions of the phenomenon of change.