4 Use Method Of Cooling Tower

- Feb 03, 2016 -

A, and cooling tower of using Taiwan number and unit of opened Taiwan number phase match; II, and closed not open wind machine of cooling tower of into, and water valve, avoid cooling water in not using of Tower in the through; three, and temporarily opened of cooling tower wind machine. in shut lost the wind machine Hou, absolutely don't forgotten closed the Tower of into, and water valve; four, and each class boot Hou are to reflection cooling tower of running status. found not open wind machine of cooling tower has cooling water through. are to real-time closed the Tower access valve, will supporting water disc level conditioning good air conditioning system of condensation device, and evaporator Inlet valves, cooling towers, some units equipped with electric valves, electric valves easily go wrong, spirit. should enhance introspection. ensure the system, accurate working process of refrigeration is a heat exchange process in practice. Chiller heat exchange compared with the window type, split, Cabinet-type air conditioning complex, which provides for direct cooling, the latter for direct cooling.

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