Working in cooling tower operation, there is a problem how to determine the most economical operating mode

- Feb 03, 2016 -

In cooling tower run work in the, exists with how determine most economic run workers condition problem. specific said, according to different season of meteorological conditions and unit of different load, determine corresponding of cycle water should how many only most right, need determine run of cycle pump Taiwan number, if Tower group run, is also to regulation all cooling tower water, makes they out Tower water temperature consistent. cooling tower best run workers condition and steam machine efficiency has close relationship, cycle pump consumption electric power and turbine efficiency improve and get emblem increased power phase contradictions, Need to experiment and calculation to solve.

Specific test method following: in for I try zhiqian, will weaving on condenser, and cycle pump, and cooling tower, equipment for check, elimination defects, makes they in normal state Xia run. According to measurement parameter requirements, in cooling equipment Shang installation flowmeter, and thermometer, and pressure table, test instrument. on installation in equipment Shang original instrument for check. in for condenser vacuum test work in the, most complex of work is determine into people food steam device of steam volume.

In condensation water pipeline Shang (condensation pump zhihou) installation a standard hole Board to determine by condenser out of condensation water. also into condenser also has low voltage heater of Ryukyu water, pumping gas device of gas steam mixture cooling device of sparse water,, which main part is low voltage heater sparse water, its number can with heat balance equation calculation out, also can with row steam volume and monitored level within of pressure.

Condenser most favourable vacuum degrees of measurement, first to determine turbine group of load, General in rated load Xia for for good. then, to take adjustable speed steam door open degrees not variable of method, to guarantee test process in the into people condenser of Yan steam volume of stability. in test process in the, need regulation cooling water volume, with increases or decreases cycle pump run Taiwan number to achieved, not used throttle approach, waste can tail is not economic of, especially large unit unit, cycle water valve big. easily regulation, easy out accident.

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