Why water?

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Water cooling for many people is a familiar and unfamiliar names. We have heard of water when installed for the first time, but no one would consider the machine for the first time to try it. After radiator change from overclocking to 3 to transformers; experience beneficial to convex and owls at the end of the work, could it be flashed in your mind an idea: why don't you try water? But reason and strangers will soon occupy your mind: "you know what, forget it, water is too much trouble, there's no need. Water cooling is a rich man's plaything. "Water cooled remnant of read is the DIYer in YY must go through to live through, some people a leg up later, is surrounded by a railing with some people for a while, but cross-over, some people fell off a dog eat excrement. Whether it's crossed that threshold, or fell off a dog eat shit, you don't have to care too much. Perhaps the end is waiting for you with flowers and applause, but got up from the ground only to find themselves on the wrong runway. Water cooling is a State of mind, is the YY and the pursuit of perfection. Do water really is a rich man's plaything? Yes and no. Undeniable is that water is expensive. Equipped with a set of water without having to spend a lot of money; but a satisfying YY water not less money. Water cooling necessary? The answer is in your heart. Water trouble? Water is really trouble! Water itself is not in trouble, but water preparation is cumbersome. You want planned watercourse way cold installation, connector options, the overall color scheme, as well as chassis modification and so on. See here I think half cheese has closed this post to new areas to earn points, but stay friends read on:And cold depend on device design and chassis air duct are different, cooled in a relatively closed environment, more efficient use of the specific heat capacity of water, flow characteristics, carry away the heat system components, so as to achieve better heat dissipation effect. Role of water weakened the chassis air duct (as opposed to air cooling) by balancing the mute and performance characteristics of these two seem to be shot, thus becoming a high-end DIY player favorite. Water not only is a favorite pursuit of mute player, attracting attention from the MODer. Because the water itself unique charm, coupled with light and water mix the bizarre effects, so we see a lot of amazing water works. Whatever your reason for playing with water are designed to performance, silent, and YY, in the experience of water obtained in the process of happiness and satisfaction, is our biggest harvest play cooled.

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