Water-cooled parts introduction

- Feb 03, 2016 -

1.CPU cooling (CPU Water Blocks) CPU cooling are all cooled parts in one of the most important parts. CPU cooling design directly affects the CPU heat sink effect, so the choice to take, as appropriate. Generally speaking, CPU cooling is divided into two kinds: CPU cooling of water resistance (High-Resistance Water Block), and high-flow CPU cooling (High-flow Water Block). Flood CPU cooling by definition is water resistance, need to lift the water pump or in waterways is relatively simple to achieve maximum cooling effect. Water resistance inside the CPU cooling designs often using micro-channel. Can slow the flow of water through water road, increasing the contact area of the base and cold water, water allows more heat to be taken away. Koolance CPU cooling head typical water resistance of CPU-350, as well as EK-Supreme.

2. water pump (Pumps) pump is the heart of water. Key indicators of water pump head, flow and power. Head is a measure of a pump performance of core standards. Lift refers to the zero flow water pump can push water to the highest level. Lift pump, waterway suitable for complex environments. If the water was cold the head more, we recommend you use lift pumps. And the flow is the decisive factor in measuring water efficiency. In confined waterways, the larger the volume, emission of heat by various cold head can more effectively be taken away. Can reduce temperature of the watercourse as a whole. High power pump leads to better performance, but at the same time emit more heat into the watercourse. But PC industry pump, pump discharge itself of heat and cold head discharge is negligible compared to the heat. Water pump classified according to the current AC and DC pumps. AC pump head high power, but the noise and covers an area of, coupled with a separate power supply, today was not the first choice of water. Instead the DC water pump AC pump is small, heat is small, quiet and small size of the feature is the preferred water players. Common DC pumps are DDC,D5 and so on. DDC pump is small, high lift, the drawback is noise.

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