The 9 characteristics of closed circuit cooling tower:

- Feb 03, 2016 -

1, cooling water without contact with the outside world, by coil cooling;

2, using air cooling and evaporation endothermic dual cooling, cooling and high efficiency;

3, small footprint, without excavation pool, easy to access, save water and reduce energy consumption;

4, the wet-bulb is cold temperature, can stop cooling hosts provided by it to the cold source;

5, as a result of closed-cycle, media are not subject to environmental impact, will not pollute the environment;

6, closed loop cooling, there is no debris into the cooling pipe system, thereby clogging the pipeline;

7, soft water circulation cooling, definitely do not scale at high temperatures, causing scaling of cooling pipe system, overheating damage to the pipeline;

8, direct cooling water, oils, alcohols, hardening liquid, salt and chemical liquid medium, medium without loss and component stability;

9, automatic digital control temperature, automatic liquid level control, energy saving, high accuracy and easy operation simple.

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