Daily maintenance and troubleshooting of cooling tower fan

- Feb 03, 2016 -

1. Flow rate is insufficient or excessive

The shorter the pipe of the same fan, air volume, the greater, when long pipeline to a certain degree, the wind nearly to zero, the static pressure of the fan can overcome the resistance line, ability to overcome obstacles, the greater, more through the air, so piping resistance calculations directly affects the size of traffic.

Followed by leakage losses, such as the clearance between the impeller and duct, flange connection does not, and so on.

2. Machine vibration

1). unbalance of rotor vibration

Unbalanced fan running after the main reasons are as follows:

A. blade corrosion or wear is uneven;

B. fans stood for a long time, due to factors such as weight of the rotor shaft deformation;

C. blade surface uneven fixtures, such as dogs, such as rust, dirt;

D. transportation, installation and other causes deformation of the impeller;

E. impeller equilibrium does not calibrate the balance after weight loss or maintenance.

2). other reasons

A ... does not match fan selection with performance when the pipeline surge;

B. deviation of concentricity between the impeller and the motor shaft is too large;

C. two belts of parallel axle;

D. fan force is not in the basement;

e. Fix loose parts;

F. bearing wear or looseness.

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