Closed cooling towers use

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Closed cooling tower by the host equipment, water tank, circulation pump and electric control cabinet and so on. Host shell, heat exchanger, fan, spray pumps, water collection, water tank and pipe valves and other components. Work process in the, cooling media (soft water, and oil or other liquid) by main cycle pump drive in heat exchanger and the needed cooling equipment Zhijian cycle flow, spray got water uniform to spray in heat exchanger Shang, in heat exchanger outside surface formed uniform of water film, cold air by Tower body below of into outlet into Tower within, and spray got water upstream after heat exchanger surface, this process in the has two species for hot way, that cold air and cooling media Zhijian of hot conduction and spray got water evaporation endothermic of hot Exchange, absorption heat Hou of saturated hot wet air by wind machine row to atmosphere in the , The rest of the spray water into the sink in the lower part of the Tower, pumps and then sending it to the spray system. And so on, heat exchanger cooling medium cool.

Closed cooling tower has two modes of operation. Air cooled, air cooled + spray. Electric control system of two mode switches automatically according to working conditions, energy consumption.

(1) scope of application of closed cooling tower:

1, induction heating and melting of metal equipment, such as: high and medium frequency induction hardening equipment, medium-frequency power supply and electric furnaces, induction heating furnace, holding furnace cooling.

2 reactor, chemical industry, condenser circulating water cooling.

3, large motor, diesel engine, commutation equipment, welding equipment, hydraulic and cooling of continuous casting equipment.

4, metal casting molds, injection molds and other large mould cooling.

5, industrial cooling solution, as quench liquid, plating, etc.

(2) the advantages of closed circuit cooling tower:

1, closed cooling medium circulation, preventing debris from entering the cooling piping systems and cooling agent evaporation loss.

2, the use of soft water as a cooling medium, scaling, do not plug the pipe, fewer failures.

3, the use of air and spray water evaporating endothermic dual cooling, cooling and high efficiency.

4, the small size of the device, small footprint, easy to move and placed, without having to build the pool.

5, using automatic intelligent control can automatically transform cooling mode according to working conditions, the operation is simple and reliable.

6, wide usage, direct cooling and quenching fluids, oils, alcohols and other heat exchanger corrosion-free medium, medium without loss and component stability.

(3) characteristics of the closed cooling tower:

1, real materials. All spare parts, in particular materials and equipment are strict selection, precision production, and without falsehood. "My heart, your satisfaction" is our consistent aim to ensure every customer are honest with each other, ensuring that quality is always the best. Continued effective operation of the quality management system to ensure that customers in the process, from raw material procurement to installation and commissioning have access to professional-quality products and services.

2, strong cooling ability.

① design meteorological conditions refer to the requirements of the national standard of open cooling tower design, design and equipment selection process, taking into account the necessary margin. High standards and strict requirements, nature makes for superior cooling capacity, and meet the requirements more stringent environmental and meteorological conditions.

Use industry-leading design and optimization of heat exchange models, high efficiency, low resistance type heat exchanger and circulating spray system, heat exchange efficiency is improved, covers an area of decreased weight reduction.

3, simple operation. Optional adjustable-speed motor as necessary to achieve energy-saving (up to a maximum of 50%), can be easily incorporated into the control system, easy to manage.

4, good environmental protection.

① comprehensive treatment measures for vibration and noise, floating water indicators more in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

Secondly, using special low-noise fan and motor, reducer, high efficiency, low noise. Optimization design of steel frame structure of the tower is simple, solid and reliable, running vibration control in low range. Efficient water collector to meet large volume of these rules can minimize floating water losses, in full compliance with environmental requirements. Selection of speed regulating motor, runs at low speed during the night, but also can reduce the noise 3-5dB (a).

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