Closed cooling tower with 5 notes

- Feb 03, 2016 -

A, closed cooling tower installation and use of the environment:

Closed-form design of cooling tower fan, need a lot of air to take away its heat, so cooling tower installations should be broad, not dense around the building and the heat source, and plenty of fresh air and is the basis of cooling efficiency. Permeability of the surroundings, resulting in higher ambient air temperature as a whole, serious affecting the refrigeration effect.

Second, the noise control:

If families closed cooling tower of central air conditioning configuration, installing the resident care areas which are, the manufacture of wind turbine noise of the cooling tower, water, water pumps and other special noise can affect the lives of nearby residents, will usually be placed on the roof, in order to better control the noise noise barriers should be erected, improved cooling tower installation distances.

Third, the nature of the cooling fluid:

Cooling fluid is the liquid flowing through the coil cooling tower, condensing coil is usually made of copper tube is used for. First of all through the medium of condensing coil with copper tubes on the chemical and physical reactions. Closed cooling tower is usually cooled water as distilled water, in the course of using, does not produce scale to ensure the coil internal fluids run smoothly, in the face of certain fluids according to the fluid nature of the regular machinery of the condensing coil cleaning and inspection.

Four, Frost:

Closed cooling tower in the main cooling medium is water, northern areas of the country, temperatures are very low, zero degree water in, it will be very easy to freeze, set at the bottom of the cooling tower basin, sometimes in the case of pump flow rate will still be frozen, so freezing measures should be taken. Usually sets electrical heating systems, and set up automatic temperature control. In cooling water by adding antifreeze agents. Or is the establishment of a pool of long distance water conveyance, will pool the introduction of indoor, through distance delivery.

Five, sewage water treatment:

Cooling towers at the bottom of the pool, and after a long run, mixed with lots of impurities are deposited on the bottom of the pool, sprinklers spraying the water evaporated, concentrated a large number of the inorganic ions and organic material attached to the bottom of the pool. At the time of discharge, to water for a certain amount of water treatment, cooling cooling water after the water treatment can continue to recycle.

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