Affecting the efficiency of closed circuit cooling tower 5 factors

- Feb 03, 2016 -

Sprinkler system. Spray system for condensing coil water is the most important part, the part we have to check is the shower head. Uniform water spray can is very important, water area, to cover all the condensing coil, avoid doing, resulting in scale.

Second, fan and air flow. If the cooling effect is reduced, then check the fan for cooling tower and air volume is sufficient. Air flow fan main influence, we take a look at, the blade angle of the fan there is no displacement, leaves no damage. Nylon wind turbine blades and stainless steel fan blades on a gap, adjust the fan perspective, add the axis lubrication.

Third, the use of the environment. Closed cooling towers required to install in a ventilated place, so we see a lot of cooling towers are installed on the roof or top of the shop. After installing cooling towers, cooling towers should be avoided around to do some constructive work, ventilation of the cooling towers.

Four, water spray. In the process of closed circuit cooling tower operation, we can hear the sound of rushing water. If less water, then heat dissipation is reduced. Less water and affect the piping and pump, check the pump's pressure is stable, all the pumps have no air, check to see if hose management congestion.

Five, scaling issues. Scale and sprinkler system has a certain influence, primarily due to uneven water supply system water, some cooling coil dry point and do some pool water evaporates and the calcium and magnesium ions, formed by long time scale, scale formation will accumulate, and can affect cooling efficiency.

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