5 of the closed cooling tower advantages wide application range and 6 large

- Feb 03, 2016 -

5 application of closed cooling tower range

1, induction heating and melting of metal equipment, such as: high and medium frequency induction hardening equipment, medium-frequency power supply and electric furnaces, induction heating furnace, holding furnace cooling.

2, industrial cooling solution, as quench liquid, plating, etc.

3, metal casting molds, injection molds and other large mould cooling.

4, chemical reactors, condenser circulating water cooling.

5, large motor, diesel engine, commutation equipment, welding equipment, hydraulic and cooling of continuous casting equipment.

Second, the advantages of the closed cooling tower:

1, the device is small, small footprint, easy to move and placed, without having to build the pool.

2, the use of intelligent automation control, can automatically transform cooling mode according to working conditions, the operation is simple and reliable.

3, closed cooling medium circulation, preventing debris from entering the cooling piping systems and cooling agent evaporation loss.

4, the use of soft water as a cooling medium, scaling, do not plug the pipe, fewer failures.

5, using air cooling and spray water evaporating endothermic dual cooling, cooling and high efficiency.

6, wide usage, direct cooling and quenching fluids, oils, alcohols and other heat exchanger corrosion-free medium, medium without loss and component stability.

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